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Default Re: it's like an elephant in the room!

Originally Posted by angelia91 View Post
Wow, I don't know how I have missed this post! I guess I thought it was about an elephant hair clip!

Well, I do know who sells this e-book and I am a member of her Yahoo group. I know that her husband has kidney disease, having already lost one kidney. What money she makes she is saving to help pay for a kidney transplant due to them having no insurance to cover this. She has a rather large family and I am sure money is very tight for them.

Just as many of you request free help, she has her group members that request she make these e-books to sell. I am thankful to all of you who have provided your talents to each of us. I have purchased a few e-books from this lady and I feel like if I can help someone out, then I will do that.

Just wanted to share what I knew of her. I'm sure she would hate knowing her ad is an elephant.
I just want to touch on something here...I am also a member of the group, I purchased her Hannah Montanna instructions when my dd saw them and went nuts for them, figured it would save me the time of figuring out my own design (still haven't made it though). I only visited the group for a very short time. I am not a fan of Yahoo groups and I hardly every visit any of the many I'm a member of LOL. I remembered her talking about a post here where someone mentioned the money going to help her husband. She clarified that that was just from her first set of free instructions when she was accepting donations. She felt bad that she was being misrepresented. I just went to the group and looked up that post, it is message number 12067, if you want to see for yourself

I wish her family well. I'm not trying to tell anyone not to buy her instructions. Or for anyone to buy mine! I'm not trying to be competitive. I think the fact that there is more to this story than I'm willing to share is making things confusing, it's not just about who the seller is, where she get's her ideas, or if her instructions are good or not (from skimming the one I bought, they look well written) there is so much more and others involved in the current turn of events. I think that I am going to refrain from commenting anymore except to say...

I am so appreciative of the support here from my fellow HipGirls! I hope to keep sharing free tutorials or offering help whenever I can, however, I'll be keeping it all in the private forums from now on.

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