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Default Re: Need Help with a Cheer Bow Question

Originally Posted by Blkhawkfan View Post
It's not uncommon, especially with all-star cheerleader's bows. I use 9-10" of 5/8" ribbon sewn into the bow, or I've also used 7" of flat elastic too, this is in place of a pony or a (gasp!) barrette. That way, the bow is securely attached to the hair without Worry of safety deductions due to bows falling out of the girls hair. The ribbon is threaded thru a pony that is already tied the hair up, and tied tightly around pony. No worries about pony breakage either.

I forgot to say, you sew the ribbon or elastic in the bow before you glue the center on as if it were a pony! then glue your center on and you're done!
Thank you for the information!! I can't wait to try it out.
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