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Default Re: Argh!!!!!!!frustrated!!!

Originally Posted by kiefnmadismom View Post I've bought I can't even tell you how many tuts showing me how to make bows... I CANNOT get my bows to have that creased/folded look for the life of me...Ive made a hundred bows..some over and over..Ive tried sewing..Ive tried the gator bite..Ive tried the sallys clip..Ive tried holding and pinching...I might have to throw the towel in....and today isnt helping cause my allergies are killing me...sorry..needed to to a long day of work..
ps..just ordered TNT templates..if that diesnt help?? Ill be done.. I cant afford to spend anymore on tuts..
I make all mine by hand. I don't use any templates. Mine have always turned out better by measuring by hand and folding!
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