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Default Re: how to make a tutu filled with pom poms?????

[QUOTEede;1076663]McCalls 3365 (out-of-print) is basically a dress with a tulle "bag" overlay into which you place flowers, etc. before stitching together. Here's a homemade version:

I've sewn many tulle-covered dresses, but [disclaimer] never made a tutu, so maybe there's a method out there, but... I don't see how knotting tulle strips could be possible here. Sewing yardage does appear to be your only option. Also, I don't see how you can do it without some kind of a lining because the tulle would be unbearably itchy at the waist. The example above uses a onesie for that purpose.


I used a 'no-sew' experimental method for a knotted tutu that went like this:

I cut my tulle about the length of what you would for a tutu dress. Gathered and folded that piece as you would if you were about to knot it, then gathered and folded in half again, then knotted it on the ribbon. This created a normal, double layer tutu look but there was a pocket lacking two sides) at the bottom of one of each of the strips. KWIM? Then I spent several hours filling each pocket with 1 lg and 2 sm pom poms and closing the seam on each side with fabric glueI'll post a pic.

After not achieving results up to my standards and eventually losing interest because of this.....I decided that it must be sewn. Instead of doing another experiment I wanted to do it the right way and here I am!

I'll finish it eventually and the finished product will be sell-able but again it was an experimental method that I wouldn't do again unless I was stranded on a desert island with no access to a needle and thread, had all the time in the world and could work out a trade with someone: a tutu for a trip home! Seriously.....

Anywho I guess it's going to be sewn so THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your help!
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