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Default Re: bows stiff??

Originally Posted by coleandtannersmom View Post
WOW, your bows are BEAUTIFUL. I'm just curious though how do you get them to hold shape if you don't use any stiffener? I also use stiffen stuff or whatever it is called from Micheals, it says it's non toxic. I was thinking of trying to bake them though.

Thank you!

I don't make huge bows most of mine are about 3.5" 4". I fold them making sure the loops are full and then sew the centres, as long as you pull the thread tight enough the loops stay perky I don't use wire as I can't get enough tension, I just shape them and they stay.
I don't clip the centre before I sew as again I lose the tension, its just fold, hold and sew at the same time, pull, wrap the tread around the bow three times and your done!
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