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Default Re: Need cheer bow help

Originally Posted by FirstGirlAfter3Boys View Post
You all are posting great ideas. I have had the hardest struggles with the sequin fabric. I seem to have a fraying problem when I start to fold. I think I'm doing something wrong, but I'm not sure what... I think I need to use a fray check on the edges or something. I really dislike working with sequins, but I love working with spandex. I would love to know how to make the wavy lines if anyone would like to share. Thanks in advance, and all of your bows are great looking!
I am not sure why you are having problems with sequins. I use HnB Lite and never have had an issue. Definately have never had any fraying either. Are you making sure the fabric and ribbon are bonded together completely? Are you letting it cool to set? Those could be the only two things I could think would be causing your problem.

The wavy line bow is not something that you can really make a TUT for. It is really just a template cut with a rotary cutter. If you notice, it is only done to one side of the bow.


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