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Default Re: Ellie Bean and Models

Originally Posted by trendymom View Post
My first set of pictures from Nicky R... LOVE!!! (And she just got the stuff like 2 days ago! This is one of three items I sent! So fast!!)

Only thing is, I am selling this as a clip. Is it ok that it's attached to a headband in the pictures? (I didn't send the headband.) In the description I can write that it's perfect to attach to a headband.

I can't decide because I love the pictures so much!!!
The photos you got are gorgeous! It sucks that they added the headband though, I think most people don't read the listings and would probably be upset that they didn't get a headband.

I think Nicky R has some beautiful photos but am I the only one that thinks a lot of her shoots are too sexy/grown up? I always look at her photos and think that she looks way older than she is and sometimes the photos I see just don't seem appropriate. I would like to add that I am anything but a prude, lol.
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