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Default Re: Pillow case dresses - 2 ways??

Originally Posted by jmb002 View Post
I use elastic on my pillowcase dresses and it is really easy to do. All you do differently is instead of feeding ribbon through the casing you measure the width of the top and cut the elastic at that length. I feed it through the casing (all of the way around) and stitch it closed. Then I just tie ribbons to the elastic. I haven't tried the other way, but I worry about the ribbons forever coming untied and the dress falling off. It is also good, because there is give so no choking hazard.

I think I am going try lining my dresses though. I think it would make for a much cleaner look. Do you line the whole dress or just the top (hope that makes sense)?

Thanks for the info on the elastic, I think that I will try it. I line the whole dress.
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