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Default Re: Need cheer bow help

Originally Posted by kimmisook View Post
well, i got two cheer bows finished for my co-worker's sister. the TNT tuts and the advice from this forum were lifesavers. they definitely aren't perfect and i wish i had more time to get them perfected, but it was a last-minute request for samples and i had to pony up something. i don't know if i didn't use the hnb correctly (i followed the directions) but i found that the ribbon was not staying fused together i'm going to try the elmer's next time, i think, like gmcks2001 recommended, because CLEARLY she knows what she's doing!!! all of the pictures posted by gmcks2001 are AMAZING and inspirational!! they are LOT harder than they look! i wish i'd taken pictures before bringing the bows to work so i could get some constructive criticism but i completely forgot! duh...

anyway, just wanted to share my experience and give a shout out and big thanks to gmcks2001
Thank you very much for the nice compliments. The Elmer's spray adhesive is not my idea, but I read that same post and am very interested in trying it out.

I am not sure why you may have had a problem with the HnB. It always works for me. Another fine lady on this board and friend of mine, Blkhwkfan has used HnB Ultra (in red package) on her spandex. Perhaps if she sees this she could weigh in.

If you have anymore questions, please feel free to fire away. I do not make cheer bows as a business accept locally to me, so most of the tips and techniques I use, I am very willing to share. There are a few patterns that have been shared with me, that I cannot share, but I will always do my best to help point you in the right direction.

Congratulations on your foot in the door with your cheer bows. I hope you get a great order out of it!

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