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Default Re: it's like an elephant in the room!

Originally Posted by island_girl_bows View Post
I would prefer it if Lynn made the directions since I KNOW her roses look outstanding... BUT if someone made a step by step how to make Roses that has good detail and the finished product look as good as Lynns... Id buy it in a hot second ...sorry Lynn but I would... I am getting better at the roses by watching the horrid videos but it could be way better. and if someone out there made a good how to I would buy it.

See, although nothing wrong with it, that is what makes me sad I am very grateful for Lynn's video and while the video could have improvements, I don't think it is horrid. If someone wants to make a better instruction that is great, I'm sure that it would sell. I just would hope that those of us that know the true creator would credit that person for her hard work and creativity.

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