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Default Re: Covering a dowel with ribbon? Or, what's the best paint to use?

Originally Posted by prleaf View Post

edit . . . if you're adventuresome . . . and i've never tried this on wood . . . but to make it non/toxic . . . i've dyed some kid's stuff using jello . . .
What a great idea!!

I finally did check out the plastic balloon sticks at my local party supply store. They were really flimsy ... hollow like a straw.

So I bit the bullet and painted 4 dowels. In some ways it was easier than I expected but even more time consuming than I thought it would be.

Anyhow, I now have 3 tulle pom pom wands with ribbon accents and 1 satin ribbon streamer.

Correction, each of my daughters now has one pom pom wand and the birthday girl will have one pom pom wand and one ribbon streamer.

Oh, and a basic gros grain pinwheel bow with a 1' Hello Kitty rhinestone slider which matches the HK ribbon on the wand and streamer.

Goodness knows I lost a lot of sleep over this, literally. But this may inspire me to finally post my first picture here.


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