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Default Re: Free template for Bottle Cap Images

Originally Posted by jyoung434 View Post
Ok, I hope the OP doesn't mind, but I created a 4x6 template in Word, which is attached. And I have a way to save it as a jpeg, but there are a couple of steps involved (and I haven't tested it, but I'm 99.9% sure it will work). Here's how you do it:

1. Once you have your Word doc set up how you want it, save it as a pdf. Make sure you have it exactly as you want it, because once it's a pdf, you can't change it.

2. Open the pdf in Acrobat.

3. Go up to View and select "Full Screen Mode" (or hit CTRL-L) to open it in full screen mode. Once it's in full screen, hit ALT-Print Screen to copy the image.

4. Open up MS Paint (can be found in your Start menu, under All Programs then Accessories) and hit CTRL-V to paste your picture into paint, and then save it as a jpeg. You should then be able to send it out to Walgreens or wherever to have it printed.

It's really easy to do, it just involves several steps. If someone has an easier way to do it, by all means feel free to share!!
thank you all for your sharing. i am having a problem w/ these tho. it is opening up in microsoft word viewer and i can not edit it or add my pics to the circles...what am i doing wrong?
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