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Default Re: it's like an elephant in the room!

Originally Posted by Wendy523 View Post
I believe in Karma. I'll keep doing what I believe is ethical and morally right.
Have a wonderful day!!!

Yep... I like and belive in Karma too... what goes around comes around... it all pans out in the end...

this person was oppurtunistic... they saw a oppurtunity that no one else saw... compile the directions all in one spot an make some money on it... the lazy folks that dont want to search for the free ones will come an buy those...

Thats why I say Wendy/others who made their own characters get a Ad for yourself/ drive Biz to your sites put it out there big and bold not just in a thread where it can get lost with time... anyway Im done... I hope everything pans out in the end for everyone... Im gonna go make some Fobs now
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