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Default Re: it's like an elephant in the room!

Be aware Im not attacking you please...

Originally Posted by MommyRYLI View Post
No one is against her selling her directions here or anything like that,
but in the last statement say it like it is you dont think she is nice person for hurting your friend...

Originally Posted by MommyRYLI
That's why we get upset, because one of our own was hurt, her creation was taken by someone else, and that someone else sold mentioned design as if it was her own.
She shared how to make those creations on a Public Board... it then becomes Open Source so to long as there is no plagerism/stealing of photos then in essence it is her creation... moral? no not necessarily... but in the end most ppl dont care bout morals they care about the $$$

Originally Posted by MommyRYLI
but to make the design exactly like the one the members here had made, does not make her seem nice in our book.
I have no idea who this person I cant tell if they are nice or not... it doesnt really matter... the other lady in question should put up her own ad her and list it as the ORIGINAL character clippies.

LCB sell the Original headbands instructions and I have seen at least 4 other ppl putting out the same types on Ebay in the can even find similar instructions free on the net if you know how to search and use the right search parameters.

anyway... thats my 2... I probly pissed a couple ppl off.... sorry
I say what I want, when I want, no one pays me... Its my opinion take it or leave it
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