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Default Combining a tulle pom pom wand with a ribbon wand??

This might be more of a "Whether To Make" than a "How To Make" type question since I'm pretty sure I have a clear picture of what I would like to do and how to do it. I just don't know if it will have the extra "play value" I'm hoping for.

Having said that, does anyone have an opinion on whether it make sense to combine a "ribbon wand" (with the satin ribbon on the end for trailing through the air) and a tulle pom pom wand?

Instead of using purely decorative accent ribbon under the pom pom, I envision one to three long pieces of 3/8 satin ribbon (3' or so) coming out of the top and maybe a couple of shorter, thin ones (the really skinny ones) for a decorative effect.

Or is that likely to look really silly when the kid isn't actually playing with the streamers. And even if it doesn't look silly, would the pom pom create too much drag for the streamers to really work well?

For anyone who's bothered to read this far, I would like it to have as much play value as possible since this is intended as a birthday present for a three year old. Her mother is really strapped for money and I think it's in the girl's best interest to take the money I would otherwise spend on a present and give it to the mom to put towards the mortgage, or whatever.

I'd almost rather buy a present and give her mom the money --even though I'm unemployed-- since it will take me awhile to make the wand but I've been sneaking her cash here and there when the opportunity arises and I know it bothers her. This way it won't seem quite so much like charity.

Anywhoo, I'd appreciate any input before I put too much time into this since I need to fill out some job applications.


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