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Default Covering a dowel with ribbon? Or, what's the best paint to use?

Let me start by saying that I tried to search this question on the board and on the internet but I kept getting instructions on how to make korkers.

Also, I posted a question in "Supplies" on where to locate balloon / pinwheel sticks but in case I don't have any luck with that ...

Is there any easy way to cover a dowel with ribbon? I've used dowels to make korkers before so the first problem I think I would run into is how to cover the gap when you run out of ribbon and how to cover the very end.

Aside from that, how tricky would it be to use hot glue to glue grosgrain ribbon onto the dowel? Is that something that would take a lot of coordination and practice?

I should clarify that I'm not necessarily keen on sanding and painting it, that's why I'd like to use ribbon.

In case I give into the inevitable, would you recommend spray paint or liquid paint. Can you recommend a particular brand? This is for a three year old. Her mother watches her really carefully so I'm not worried about it going into her mouth but I have to assume that some of the paint will eventually transfer onto her hands and into her mouth.



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