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Default Re: it's like an elephant in the room!

I'm heading out in just a second, but wanted to quickly reply here.

I don't want anyone to bash anyone (I don't believe anyone has). I am so very touched by the loyalty and support here. There is a lot of background here that only a few know about. And I will not bring it all out. I am not the only one who has the right to feel a little "off" about the whole thing.

I think that the instructions that are being advertised here look beautiful and are probably well done. I am not saying that any one set of instructions are better than anyone elses.

Bottom line, this is Michelles site. She can do as she wishes. And we are free to feel as we do about it one way or another

I believe in Karma. I'll keep doing what I believe is ethical and morally right. I do occassionally have lapses in judgement, and if I have wronged anyone during those lapses, I do my best to make it right.

OK, no time to proof read, yikes. Hope it came across as intended.

Have a wonderful day!!!

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