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Default Re: it's like an elephant in the room!

I get the whole kinda loyalty thing...I do ...really... but but but... COMON!

Michelle runs this site with support of those Ads. The ADS Cost ppl money to post them in hopes of you members buying what ever is in the ad.

Yes there are others here on the board that are selling them too... I dont know whos are better I cant deal with itsy bitsy bits of ribbon I have fat fingers LOL... But Bashing someone because they compliled everything in ONE place and then posting a AD that supports THIS BOARD is just silly. Its like saying you are gonna copyright the nonslip grippies on clippies and are gonna sue.

Other ppl can compile their own directions and sell them too... they could buy an AD here too... whether they choose to do so is their own biz... Each person has to decide what is going to make them more $$$ and Drive more ppl to their websites... to each their own
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