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Default Re: Ellie Bean and Models

Originally Posted by knottyspoolgirl View Post
The first ones here are of Ellie.. heart! I thought I should start a free share with her.
I love her and want her for my very own.
Her mom,too. LOL
Ellie is Alexi's kiddo and models with ChildEssence(posting above)

And in the last two photos are our mystery guests. Okay, no mystery. Everyone knows (or should also know) Elyse and Juliet C!
Mom,Jenni is awesome. At everything. I grabbed the last photo to show you she gets things from every angle(there were several shots of each, of course) These were done a while ago but I will use them for a very long time to come.

I love all of these girls to bits!
I saw those two little girls, the twins on EB. But their mom has her own amazing business, I was too afraid to ask for them, lol. I did ask for Chloe, but they said she doesn't take bow assignments anymore.
~~ Dana
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