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Default Re: Ellie Bean and Models

I was just going to post this very same thing. With both of my models I sent a note specifying that I wanted close up, action and full-body shots along with shots where my product was focal and not the model. I didn't specify inside or outside because it was middle of winter and I didn't really expect them to go out in the cold. I would say that both honored my requests.
Originally Posted by knottyspoolgirl View Post
Yep. You don't. But you can always request a certain style or how you want the final photo to look and see who's up for it!

In my experience with any photographer I have found that when have a request it's also a good idea (even necessary) to send a note with each item to remind them or sort of draw it out.

Some items we see and expect to be modeled one way may come back differently if we don't really note it everywhere

BRB with an example

Here are photos that we requested modeled. Crochet headband with a flower clip attached. I did the clip to make them easier to shoot.. since toddling babies don't always sit still.

Photo 1 she modeled two at once. It was in the pkg together but she didn't see the message prior so she did them both at once. Not a great photo for the product itself but did yeild some really bright, adorable images for use otherwise!

Photos 2 and 3- these were modeled in different ways. I really needed the clip attached (one at a time) to the band and worn on her head. But she went with a sort of themed shoot and I didn't get what I needed for the listings.
Still adorable as can be and they did a bunch that were just super adorable I already listed in the etsy shop. WOrking quite well for us!

When there was an issue and something needed a reshoot I just sent EB a message and it was taken care of.
I really enjoy using EBModels and Child Essence (above) is wonderful!!

Oh, in short (lol) - communication is key I should have added specific notes when sending. Even if we see things one way it doesn't mean a mommy with a pretty new baby will know it's been this way for years. Hair up, certain type dress, etc included in this!!
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