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Default Re: Help with these bug clips!

I have been watching this unfold the last few days.

I think it boils down to general forum etiquette.

You don't barge into a room on your first day at a new job and just start randomly hollering, even if you're hollering compliments.
That is just not acceptable.

There are certain unspoken (in most cases) rules that one follows when they join a forum, regardless of the topic. One of them is to not barge in and start hollering random things.

If you were in a room at work and someone burst and started screaming, "HOW DO I TURN ON MY COMPUTER, OMG!1!!" Someone better tell that person that isn't an acceptable thing to do. If you tell them, and they keep doing it, well, woe to them.

It all boils down to etiquette.
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