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Default Re: Tutorial on double layer tutu

Originally Posted by leahcovert View Post
I have been searching all day for tutorials on tutu's (especially a double layer tutu) and I finally came across this one. I thought it was good and so I thought I should pass it along! I made my second tutu this way and it turned out great!

Another way I found (completely by accident ) is to tie the first piece of tulle on (I use the slip knot method)like normal and then take the second piece of tulle and slide it underneath the first slip knot. Begin to make another slip knot, but instead of just pulling through the second layer, pull both layers through. Does that make any sense? Let me explain again.... Take a short piece of tulle (say black) and tie it to the elastic using slip knot method. Then, take a longer piece of tulle (say pink) and begin to tie it on top of the black piece, again using the slip knot method. But, instead of just pulling through the pink tulle, pull through both the pink and black. That way you will end up with the shorter piece of black on top and the longer pink piece on the bottom. Hope you can understand that and hope it helps!
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