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Originally Posted by rahretro View Post
I completely agree most of the ladies on this forum are AMAAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZINNNGGGGGGGGGG! !!
I swear I spent 2 days trying to find a tutorial I saw on here just a few days prior and my computer shut off when I was going to click it (thanks technology) and I finally posted if anyone knew where it was... within 5 min I had 10 women knowing exactly what I was talking about and where to find it...

sadly I have now lost it again since my laptop DIED and I had to get a new one HAHAHAHA.
If you go through your posts to find it make sure you click on the link to the posts that you started so that way it won't be so hard to find that tut again. It beats having to go through every single post you have made.
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