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Originally Posted by mckenjs View Post
Here's a suggestion... Instead of posting "HOW DO I DO EVERYTHING" posts... try a few things first.. You are more likely to get constructive help if you post a "Here is my first try... suggestions please" post than looking for the easy out of having someone hand you the info that we have all had to work for.

Also, you will learn quickly here to develop thick skin. Senior members are not into Coddling you. If you ask for advice, you will get it... for instance, you asked HOW DO I MAKE.... your answer is, "research"...that IS how you learn to make the things you are looking at. If you ask WHAT DO YOU THINK OF MY BOW? If it looks like crap, we will tell you. If you don't know your stuff looks like crap, you will never strive to be better. Honestly, I usually don't respond, because I don't have the time or energy to draft a PC message that won't make you feel bad.

You asked questions, you got answers, they are the true and honest answers... For every post that you consider "Biting your head off" there are probably 10-15 members who are equally annoyed, but did not take the time to respond.

You will learn to appreciate the candor of the members who DO respond... they will end up being your best mentors and advocates... they will also be the members who stand up for you if someone scams you out of money, or rips off your pictures...demanding that the offenders make it right.

Here's my tip of the day to newbies...Just like the saying goes, you should listen more than you speak... Read and research intensely, when you post a "How to " question, also post the research you have done, and what roadblocks you are hitting... Senior members are SO much more likely to help you, if you are trying on your own...

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. -Chinese Proverb
my hat off to you on an excellent post!!
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