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Default Re: Help with these bug clips!

Originally Posted by ninadina View Post
I completely agree with you. Yes, there maybe search features and tuts...but what is the harm in asking. If someone doesn't want to help why don't they just move on to the next thread. She isn't forcing you to share your hard earned knowledge, she is asking for help. If you don't want to help there really is no need to be rude about it.

Also, in one of her earlier threads OP did say thank you. I guess after all the rude comments she was probably to intimidated to come back and thank the few people that were helpful.

I don't really get it. I personally don't think a high post count makes anyone more entitled to ask more questions, or to decide what is appropriate for others to ask.

I don't sell bows, so I'm mostly just admiring other peoples work and getting ideas for things to make for my own DD's. If I did have a question, I probably wouldn't ask it. I like to compliment peoples work, but try not to do it too much because I saw another newbie get flamed for responding to too many posts the other day.
When I first got here, I complimented people on their bows, tutus, headbands.. whatever they were making. I still do it, although less often because the awesome crafters here already know I think they're terrific. I don't care if others like it or not. I'm too old to care about board cliques. I post when I feel like posting

However, I agree with the girls who emphasize that searching is important. One of the problems with newbies continually asking the same questions is that it adds bulk to the board (and database). If the question has already been asked and there are helpful posts and links in a thread, then what's the point of asking it again? Searching and reading is an important part of being a member here. If you can't find what you're looking for, then maybe you could ask "how" to search for it. If it's here, it'll come up.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. We all do. But do an honest search first.
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