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Default Re: Ellie Bean and Models

Thats the one thing I hear back from the ladies i work with that use modeling pages... is that the models photos aren't up to par with their comp cards.... I listed Kaiya with Ellie Bean, and Little Diamond Models, but I still trade with boutiques alot more through my page Boutique Modeling and Trading Services. They like that they're dealing with a photographer rather than several individual models... It cuts out the middle man and rather than having to mail out 5 packages to 5 different models, they send it to one photographer and can still get 5 different models. Plus they know the quality. I always tell my boutiques, if you aren't happy with some of the photos or you want something a little different, tell me and i will gladly reshoot... I'd rather they be 100% satisfied than be left disappointed because its not quite what they wanted! You should never be unhappy with you're photos. Having your products modeled should result in good quality photos that are visually appealing that can help to boost your business and your sales. Have you ever walked into a clothing store, and saw a product hanging on a hanger, and thought, i'd never wear that? Then you walk over and see it on a manikin, layered with other products and accessorized, and thought wow that looks amazing and ended up purchasing it? That is the effect of modeled photos of your product! They see different angles of the product, the size of it, and how it looks when being worn! It helps capture their attention more than just looking at the piece itself. Plus, I enjoy modeling items on several age groups and with different styles of clothing to show that every piece is versatile. I hope you ladies all get amazing pictures that you love back. Its not fair to be left feeling disappointed.
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