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Default Re: would you buy a DSLR

I guess it depends on the return policy etc, and also the model. I also know that if you want different lenses they can be pretty expensive. How old are the models in question? I'm only asking because I know that canon have a T3 rebel (or something like that) that sells new for $599 with a regular lens on amazon, so I don't know if you want to pay half of that on the body alone that might be a few years old. I also know that my hubby has 2 old canon rebels that are about 6 years old that both crapped out at the same time, and it would cost a minimum of $190 to fix each one. I would just be really careful.
Have you checked amazon's prices? They're often cheaper and depending on where you live, they may not charge sales tax and you can probably get free shipping.
To be honest, I used to have a canon powershot (it was the sx series I think with a pretty good zoon), and I loved that. I only stopped using it because the display thingie broke, and I replaced it with a panasonic lumix because of the awesome price and the fact that I can just stick it in my pocket.
Unless you are prepared to invest a bit, I would probably go with a powershot with a decent zoom on it.

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