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Default Re: Help with these bug clips!

koshichka, since your fairly new, I understand for wanting to help and feeling sorry for people, in 2 months you will be singing a different tune, trust me. We were all there, all wanted to help the "new" people on the board. You will start to notice patterns, scams, and whatever on this board and you will start to notice the amount of people who come on here and ask the same questions over and over again and never see them on this board again (which is my biggest pet peeve ever) and also the ones that come on and never introduce themselves but start asking questions.
Its sad, but if they managed to find this group then they can manage to use the search engine, thats why they have it there. I do look at posts before I send them links, because I'm not going to help someone who all they ask is questions like "where can I buy" or "who is the supplier" or "how do I make this" and that the first 3 posts that they make.
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