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Default Re: Help with these bug clips!

Originally Posted by Koshichka View Post
This I totally agree with. Why would someone steal a picture? What if they couldn't duplicate it? Thats real low. I too think you should be banned for stealing pictures. Its one thing to try to make something you see on your own, its another to use that picture and claim it as your own.
Completely agree!

Originally Posted by Koshichka View Post
As far as all the other stuff, while I can see both sides, I still think its a bit rude. IMO just dont read that thread or reply. BTW I do search for all the stuff I need and am a huge fan of the post with all the tut links. I also kind of like the every day posts where someone asks a questions that has been asked a million times because some of them I might have been tempted to ask too! LOL
I guess I can see where it can come off as rude, but after years of these types of posts, it just gets a little frustrating. For people who have been doing this for years (and I am in no way saying that we/they are superior!), they have spent so much time & money searching endlessly for information, the best suppliers, practicing (and wasting tons of supplies! $$$) trying to perfect their craft. When someone comes across as not wanting to put in the same effort/time/money, it rubs the wrong way. Now maybe sometimes we jump a little too quickly, but years of sleepless nights, and thousands of dollars invested makes us (at least me) feel that it's not fair that we had to do all of that to get to where we are, and then someone brand new comes along and doesn't have to/want to work at it at all.

I have no problem helping people, but those people usually participate a little more than just asking questions that can easily be found with a simple search. I know there are some things that you're not sure how to search for (i.e. you want to know how to make something, but you don't know what it's called). That's totally fine. But when it's something like what's the best glue to use? Then use the search function and type in "best glue." PAGES of answers come up! Let me end my rambling by saying that most of us are business women here. Usually we don't have a lot of free time on our hands, as we're trying to fill orders. Ideally, we'd like to help those who have questions where the answers aren't easily searched for. When people keep asking basic questions that can easily be answered through a search, those that truly need help are buried below those other posts, and their questions never get answered.

I hope this helps explain where I'm coming from a little better, and makes me look, at least a little, less like a b*tch
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