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Default Re: Help with these bug clips!

Originally Posted by Krysia View Post
I completey agree and I HATE that! Take your own damn pictures. God knows mine aren't the greatest (I have some modeled ones that are excellent, but mine are only somewhat decent), but I still have great sales on Etsy. If you steal other people's photos, what does that say about you - not only as a businesswoman, but as a person?

Known picture thieves should definitely be banned.
This I totally agree with. Why would someone steal a picture? What if they couldn't duplicate it? Thats real low. I too think you should be banned for stealing pictures. Its one thing to try to make something you see on your own, its another to use that picture and claim it as your own.

As far as all the other stuff, while I can see both sides, I still think its a bit rude. IMO just dont read that thread or reply. BTW I do search for all the stuff I need and am a huge fan of the post with all the tut links. I also kind of like the every day posts where someone asks a questions that has been asked a million times because some of them I might have been tempted to ask too! LOL
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