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Default Re: Help with these bug clips!

Originally Posted by ronnie View Post
I did see that. Right now though my biggest peeve are those that are stealing our pictures and using them on their own websites or facebook pages and lying to their fans that they are making those items. If you can't be creative and come up wtih your own things then you are not in the right business. Quit riding on the coattails of those that work hard to edit their photos of their own work. Recent one was a lurker that stole a moderator's pic and tried to pawn it off as her own. Personally I think if you are caught stealing pics on here you should be automatically banned.
I completey agree and I HATE that! Take your own damn pictures. God knows mine aren't the greatest (I have some modeled ones that are excellent, but mine are only somewhat decent), but I still have great sales on Etsy. If you steal other people's photos, what does that say about you - not only as a businesswoman, but as a person?

Known picture thieves should definitely be banned.
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