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Default Re: Help with these bug clips!

I was new once and they were rude to me too. It is kind of like disciplining your young and setting them straight. I learned very fast how to sit back and read everything and learn how to use the forum with out making an idiot out of myself. I learned to use the search engine like you wouldn't believe. Their rudeness did not make me cry out to them and tell them stuff. I sucked it up as a lesson and learned from it.

I will not baby every person that comes on here and is not a contributor to the forum. I do help a lot of people though that I feel like helping. I also started a sticky with a butt load of tuts on there (if any of you bothered to take a look) It also has a link to paid for tuts as well. In those links there are tons of information on numerous projects. You just have to go through them. That is what frustrates me the most....I put the majority of answers to your questions in one post and some of you don't even bother to look through them all. Watching that discourages me from wanting to help new people. Not all newbies have the "gimme gimme" attitude when they is only a few that do and those are the ones the really upset people on here.

I rarely come on the how to make forums anymore because of this. If you can't take the time to search then I am not taking the time to find it for you. I am not being mean. I am being honest. This is a community where everyone contributes something to the forum. It doesn't take much for us to know who is contributing and who isn't. If you want answers you are better off searching.

The 12 questions in one day was a bit too extreme for everyone. I can't blame the ladies for getting upset over that one. A few questions here and there and I am more than sure there will be at least one person that will help you.

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