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Default Let me GOOGLE that for you

Since so many got such a good laugh out of the link I posted on a few posts. I figured I would make it a little more public and share it here as it's own thread.

Let me Google that for you, a fantastic new website that allows you to encourage others to do the work by themselves, instead of you doing it all for them. It shows you how to use the Google search engine as well as gives them the answer to the question they had originally asked you (so you're not being a complete jerk about it.) Here is an example link where I have already typed in a question:

You see how it shows you exactly what to do and takes you directly to the answers you are looking for!

Here is the link without MY question in the search engine:

Once you type in the question you just hit the "google search" button then copy the link they give you and paste it where ever you'd like I'm sure a lot of you will have fun with this. As mentioned already, my husband gave me this site today. He is a Senior Software Engineer and people as his work are constantly asking him simple questions that can be found by searching a little harder. He even has a shirt that says, "Let me drop everything I'm doing so I can come help YOU with YOUR problems". It's become one of his favorite sites and he uses it quite often. I just about died when he told me and knew I had to share! No more Only a whole lot of and on this forum!

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