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Default Re: Help with these bug clips!

I can't believe I am doing this, and I will probably regret it, but let's all take a second and a few deep breaths.

I am newer here, searched on here for about 3 months before I even got around to joining. I can totally see both sides

A) Being new to a community it is always hard to find your place, no matter if it is a new school, a new town, or even a forum. It is uncomfortable to post, afraid of the critques or negative reponse. It is scary to ask a question after you believe you have searched and get the answer, SEARCH!

B) It is frustrating to be a member here and use the new posts search and see it filled with questions that have been answered over and over again, especially very simple requests, when you are looking for NEW content.

Now that said, I stood up for us newbies that love this forum and want to use it, but even I have to agree that it was frustrating to see such basic questions. If the orginal poster had showed up asking 1 or 2 basic questions, they would have received a combination of answers that would probably have included the search answer, the problem was the number of questions asked.

The poster that was 'jumped' on for posting like was again another case of someone abusing the board, causing frustration for those that are established. It wasn't that they posted on a thread saying they liked it, that is totally cool and allowed, they were pulling up over 100 threads that were weeks old, it really looked more like someone trying to increase post count more than add anything to the forum.

Please don't be discouraged if you are new, it is a wonderful place here, and they still tolerate us newbies and eventually with time we stop being new and become ordinary members. Think of it like moving to a new school, we are here to learn, but there is a social aspect too, it takes awhile to get comfortable socially, but the education is here for anyone that wants to look for it.
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