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i have been making bows for 3 yrs now and have been a member of the forum for awhile now, actively just this year, and i believe i have asked TWICE on how to make something. i however have contributed ALOT, i gave a free tut on how to make my candy clippies, i wrote a tut on one of the many loopy bows out there, shared tips AND also answered questions as how to make something and the reason that i have been able to contribute all of this has been because i have spent HOURS, DAYS even WEEKS googling, youtubing and by trial and error - wasting countless amount of ribbon, glue AND TIME. if you have the TIME to ask here you should also have the TIME to google or use the search function above....and believe me that i am NOT picking on any newbies because we have ALL been newbies at one point but like someone else said we have CONTRIBUTED to this forum. i searched the threads that she has started since she joined JUST this month and 98% are HOW TO MAKE and NO THANK YOUS and no end results. you would think that with SOME of the help that she has received she would have made something and posted a picture. in order to recieve you have to give....JMO
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