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Default Re: Help with these bug clips!

Originally Posted by Koshichka View Post
Second- Why is it that there are always so many rude comments when someone asks for tuts? Yes, there are search engines and such but really is this forum "How to make..." not meant to provide a place for someone to ask these type questions? I am in need of tuts for several things that I have searched for an can't find that I am sure is in one of these links somewhere. Sometimes there are just so many useless results. Why not just allow someone to ask a question and let those who want, answer them?
because she has started at least 12 threads about HOW TO MAKE THIS OR WHERE TO FIND THIS which begs the question has she even attempted to search for ANYTHING she is asking!!!!! you know why there are so many useless results......... BEACUSE PEOPLE ASK THE EXACT SAME QUESTION 400 TIMES BEFORE SEARCHING FOR SOMETHING

there is nothing wrong with asking for help if you attempt to look for it first WE ARE NOT HERE TO HAND OVER EVERY PEICE OF KNOWLEDGE WE HAVE ON BOW MAKING we are here to help guide newbies and keep learning ourselves, but if you can't at least put a little effort in of searching then yes the responses may be rude

we did try to help her at first and did she thank any of us........NO


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