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Default Re: Help with these bug clips!

Originally Posted by Koshichka View Post
Second- Why is it that there are always so many rude comments when someone asks for tuts? Yes, there are search engines and such but really is this forum "How to make..." not meant to provide a place for someone to ask these type questions? I am in need of tuts for several things that I have searched for an can't find that I am sure is in one of these links somewhere. Sometimes there are just so many useless results. Why not just allow someone to ask a question and let those who want, answer them?
Because 15 posts in a row, in a very short time span, without even a proper introduction, spanning from how to make items, to where to buy the cheapest supplies is a bit much. When people did give answers, there was no acknowledgement, not even a thank you. Just more questions regarding the proper glue to use, etc.

Help is one thing, when someone puts in the effort first, but it's different when you expect everything to be handed to you without any effort on your part. How can I make this assumption? One question was what a woodburner was used for when making bows. There are PAGES on here talking about that, as well as where to buy rhinestones, etc.
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