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Default Re: Pillow case dresses - 2 ways??

I don't use bias tape around the armholes or ties on my pillowcase style dresses because I line mine. My preference is to have both my aline and pillowcase style dresses lined. The method that I use for lining is super easy and is the same for my alines as my pillowcase dresses. You do have a few extra steps with cutting and such, but like I said I just like the way it looks. However I do not line my bandana dress or pillowcase dresses when using a real pillowcase and for the pillowcase dress made from an actual pillowcase, I use the bias tape around the armholes with ribbons for the ties. Oh and I stitch my ribbons in the center of the dress(front and back) through the casing so that the ribbons don't pull out, but you are still able to cinch(sp?) the ribbons more or let them out a little when tying. I've never used the elastic. I wouldn't mind hearing more on how that is done.

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