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Originally Posted by leahcovert View Post
Thank you for standing up for the newbies! We all need to have a lesson in the 'search' button, but I think we are getting pushed around a little bit and the 'senior' members may just be giving HG a bad rap. They were newbies at one point too! Isn't that what life is learn from our elders? Now, that doesn't mean they will just tell us everything, but the occasional hint or help would be appreciated without getting our heads bit off!!!
Asking for occasional help is one thing. I too have had trouble finding things that I KNOW exist even with the search tool. With that being said, it is a totally different thing to start 12 posts all in the span of 24hours with all of them asking how to do something that is EASILY found with a search here or even google. There are a lot of wonderful ladies on this board willing to help out senior members and newbies alike but we can't expect them to sit around and explain everything step by step. who has time for that? Good luck to you
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