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Default Re: sand castle ribbon sculpture

Originally Posted by isabellasmommy2010 View Post
wow those are so cute. would you mind sharing how you did them these are exactly what i was picturing in my mind
The little bathing beauty is easy! Her body is the same 4" with a rolled head, just like any of the princess or cheerleaders or people sculptures. Her arms are 2" and then folded/glued at an angle. The bathing suit top is a piece cut to maybe an 1.25". I have a gator bite and I use that and a little bit of DMC thread to cinch it in the middle and tie it off from behind, then cover the thread with a skinny piece of ribbon or a rhinestone or something! The bottoms I just freehanded. And you can put whatever kind of hair you want on her!

The sand castle two towers were done just like the towers on the regular castle (the link already posted by somebody else) except I didn't make the top parts as pointy when I glued them on and around the back. The middle is two pieces but cut from the same piece. I cut a piece of khaki 1.5" ribbon to 2.25" inches and looped it around and glued it and then flattened it and glued it on the inside to stay flat. Then I just eyeballed it and cut it in half (but not exactly in half) and freehand cut the notches. The smaller 'half' that I cut off I undid and then re-glued smaller around and then free hand did some more notches and added an arched looking door from a khaki scrap. The flag is also just freehanded and from scraps. I hope this helps. I really just kinda made it up as I went and didn't write all my measurements down. Everything I make comes out just slightly different everytime, but I figure no two sandcastles are supposed to be identical anyways, right! HTH Adrienne
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