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Default Re: Flip Flop Ribbon Sculpture...?

Okay..... here goes

Step 1 and 2: You need 2 different size dowel rods and a wooden skewer

Step 3: rubberband your dowel rods together

Step 4: Wrap your 3/8 in ribbon around the dowel rods TWICE

Step 5: lay your skewer on top of the ribbon, fitting it snugly between the dowel rods so that the ribbon will sort of press in. (This will make the little indentation in the ribbon to make a foot shape)

Then you will clothes pin it in place and trim the ribbon...starch and bake at 225 for about 20-30 minutes Take the rubberbands off BEFORE you bake!!!!!!

After baking, let them cool and when you take them off, they should look like little foot shapes!

***This will only make ONE foot! To make more, you WILL need help! You will wrap your ribbon, trim it and clothes pin it. Do however many feet you need and then get someone to help you add the's very tricky b/c you have to barely unclamp the clothes pin and start GENTLY sliding and placing the skewer on top of your "feet". You have to go one foot at a time and it can be really frustrating! Maybe someone else can come up with an easier way to do more than one!

Like I said, I gave up when I started trying to add straps in b/c it just got too gluey and I was getting annoyed.....
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