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Default Re: What is the proper glue to use?


I'm sorry, but I'm a little confused. Who exactly is being disrespectful? The OP posted 15 different posts, within a very short time span, on questions regarding very basic things (is hot glue the best glue to make bows? Where to buy cheap rhinestones? What's a woodburner used for?). These have been answered NUMEROUS times and if you simply search, you'll find pages of answers. At first, people helpfully tried to point out that the search function would be her best friend, as she would find MUCH more info than 1 thread would give her. The "Newbie" sticky (which has tons of great info) was also posted - twice. She ignored these and continued to post many many times. The impression was that she did not want to search herself, but just wanted everyone to give her the information. Even when information WAS given to her (see her rhinestone thread), she never posted again in that thread - not even a thank you. So, I actually feel that the OP is the one being disrespectful to the forum members.

There has been no name calling, and only some of her threads have some joking around (i.e. using a woodburner to make toast "portraits," which isn't disrespectful). If someone is considering this disrespectful (as I can only imagine someone reported 1 or more of her threads to you), then some people are a little too sensitive, in my opinion. Seriously? Commenting that a woodburner is good for making toast pictures is disrespectful?

Can you please clarify? Thank you