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Originally Posted by 4-custom-dressed-kids View Post
I think it is a great start, I made about 20 or 30 before I was comfortable with mine, varying how oftened I twisted, how much ribbon I used, what size ribbon (and fabric) I worked with, etc. My biggest problem was I thought mine had to look like ones I saw on here, I finally kicked myself and realized I really do like mine and they don't look exactly like ones posted on here, but that is okay. Imagine if all of our bows were exactly identical, what fun would that be?

My advice is use less ribbon, and turn it upside down and twist, don't try to evaluate it as you make it. As I made mine I would question each twist, when I let go and let the ribbon form as it needed to it worked better for me.

My vote is grab some ribbon and play, play, play, and once you get comfortable with the twist and turns of it, you have YOUR rose!
Agreed!! I think it looks great! When I first started these I was amazed at how easy they were! YOU are the one creating them, they SHOULD look like yours!
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