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Default Re: Is a wood burner worth it?

Originally Posted by GARandMCR View Post
What? You didn't know?? Who needs cinnamon toast when you can use your wood burner to etch damask or even portraits into your morning meal! The only real question here is white or wheat!
Originally Posted by DanielleK View Post
I usually burn a portrait of my DD into her toast each morning...and that's after I've already painted a new mural on her bedroom wall, made the 100 bows I sold the previous day, and sewed her a new pillow case dress to wear to school!

Oh, and we only use organic wheat bread in our house.

Man! I'm sooo out of the loop!!! lol Time to start making some awesome toast designs Who needs those toasters that put designs on ur toast when you have a woodburner!! lol
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