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Default Re: Flip Flop Ribbon Sculpture...?

Originally Posted by christybuc View Post
My camera is being stupid right now so I will try to explain this without pics.

I took 2 different size dowel rods (when I say different size I'm talking about the circumference, not length) and rubberbanded them together at both ends.
Then I wrapped my ribbon(I used 3/8) around the dowel rods twice, cut off the excess and clothespinned it in place. I made about 5 of them. The two different dowel rods will cause one end of the shape to be wider than the other just like a foot.....
Then I used a wooden skewer and just layed it across the top of the ribbons but kind of inbetween the two dowel rods (this is tricky b/c you have to do one 'flip flop" at a time and you will probably need another set of hands so that you can unclip and reclip the ribbon and still keep it wrapped.....
Then I baked them just like I do korkers (250 for about 20 minutes).

OH....Remove the rubberbands BEFORE you bake them! I learned this the hard way and had a bit of a mess

Like I said, they were shaped like little flip flops but I was having a really terrible time with the straps!

I hope I explained that well enough.....Hope I can get my camera to work b/c I think it will make more sense with pics.
hope ur camera starts working soon!!! would love some pics of this!
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