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Originally Posted by 4-custom-dressed-kids View Post
But I only have limited time online each day...Oh wait, I meant I have to do this with a toddler on my lap, it is too hard to type what I am looking for in search... No, that isn't it, um, hold on, I have a good excuse, just let me think about it.

Seriously I do spend quite a bit of time searching, and I for one as a newbie apologize for when I do ask something that has been answered before. I do put honest good faith effort into finding it on my own, but sometimes I don't know what I am looking for which makes it hard to find, or I know but the answer I am looking for isn't in the threads I pull up.

Just standing up for us 'new' members that honestly want to use this forum to learn and share what we can, not to just stop in a grab a quick easy route. I am in this for the long haul, I have a 1 week plan, a 1 month plan, a 6 months plan, heck I even have a 5 year plan. They are flexible and have to change as new curve balls are thrown my way, but I am NOT giving up, and if I can't search and find, I ask, and if that doesn't answer my question I will search more, and possibly ask again, and that is all if I can't figure it out on my own to start with, I am very determined (my father calls it stubborn for some reason). I love being able to ask questions here, there is so much information stored in your minds and computers, I greatly appreciate every little bit you are willing to share, but it is daunting often to ask for fear of the 'newbie' stamp.

That said .... I LOVE HG, and you are stuck with me till you ban me, eeks that would be horrible, please don't, pretty please!
BIG difference between members who do search when they can and those who refuse to search and insist on getting answers the easy way

Ofcoarse we love to help when you are genuinely trying, but we can't just hand out all of our info to those who aren't even trying. This forum is great, and a lot of great info is already in older posts of that subject.
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