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But I only have limited time online each day...Oh wait, I meant I have to do this with a toddler on my lap, it is too hard to type what I am looking for in search... No, that isn't it, um, hold on, I have a good excuse, just let me think about it.

Seriously I do spend quite a bit of time searching, and I for one as a newbie apologize for when I do ask something that has been answered before. I do put honest good faith effort into finding it on my own, but sometimes I don't know what I am looking for which makes it hard to find, or I know but the answer I am looking for isn't in the threads I pull up.

Just standing up for us 'new' members that honestly want to use this forum to learn and share what we can, not to just stop in a grab a quick easy route. I am in this for the long haul, I have a 1 week plan, a 1 month plan, a 6 months plan, heck I even have a 5 year plan. They are flexible and have to change as new curve balls are thrown my way, but I am NOT giving up, and if I can't search and find, I ask, and if that doesn't answer my question I will search more, and possibly ask again, and that is all if I can't figure it out on my own to start with, I am very determined (my father calls it stubborn for some reason). I love being able to ask questions here, there is so much information stored in your minds and computers, I greatly appreciate every little bit you are willing to share, but it is daunting often to ask for fear of the 'newbie' stamp.

That said .... I LOVE HG, and you are stuck with me till you ban me, eeks that would be horrible, please don't, pretty please!
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