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Default Re: Book Stacy To Model!!! :)

Originally Posted by SweetCheek View Post
Oh my GOSH she is beautiful! So pretty!!! I would love a baby to model for me! If you would either PM me info or post here, I would be interested in hearing the details.

I packed your goodies today....well the resins...Bows will go out next week too.

Okay now to the modeling....all we do is product trade. Just send us what you want us to model and we will send you the pics in 1 week or less!

Originally Posted by clovertine View Post
That's too funny! Last week, we were out eating & a lady stopped & said he was so cute, she wanted to take him home with her. Logan stood up & yelled, "No, that's Mama's baby!". I love our boys!
I know... they are too cute...although Ryan is in Terrible twos....and OMG he is breaking me little by little...I just got the book "happiest toddler on the block" wish me LUCK! LOL!

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