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Default Re: Ellie Bean and Models

I have loved working with Ellie Bean. Every model so far has been good - some better than others but I have been able to use all but one model's photos. I have so many, so if you want to check out my FB link, I have them all there :-) Actually, there are two albums. I've worked with Emerald, Lily P (age 4, the big pic on her comp card is from my shoot), Gia G and Aundrea G (twins, age 3), Alissa M (age 9), Jaiden (age 6), Talin R (age ? - I don't see her available anymore...too bad, she was good), Claire and Chrissy (sisters in the 6-9 category), Madison A (age 6), Olivia (age 12), Kailynn G (age 2) and I have four assignments out right now. I try to get different models every time, so I love this thread!!!!
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