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Default Re: Ellie Bean and Models

Cannot say enough good things about Emerald and her mom!!!! Em is gorgeous, her mom is an awesome photographer, and they get images back FAST!

This next one is Aubree. CUTE girl but I was disappointed that the pics. weren't professional since her comp. card was.

Kayden is a living doll. Here photographer is good. The first time I used her it was super fast. The second time took a month and it was partly due to Kayden having an ear infection but I wasn't kept in the loop with what was going on.

Ellectra is a cutie. Her mom is her photographer and is good.

I have a huge package out to Emerald right now and some hair things to Madison (the 6 year old one). Very excited to see those too because her pics. are always awesome!
I haven't ever used Chanelle but she's a doll and I've only seen great pics. of her. (18 months)
I want to use Nicky R. (4 years old) for some hair items soon. Her mom is the photog. and awesome!
I have an over-due tutu dress out to Madison K. right now but I have high hopes that the shots will be awesome.
I had not good experiences with Presley, Lyla Rose, and one other girl who I don't think they use anymore.
This is an awesome reference because we're putting our time and money into making things that we expect awesome shots of! I learned my lesson and now insist on professional shots. A lot of the girls are absolutely beautiful but they don't have the photography that shows it.

Even if I have to keep using the same 3-5 girls over and over again, it's worth it to have top quality photos!
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